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The Curioni Aftermarket team is focused on upgrading your machine with three main aims: extended machine life, better performance and safer operation. Many Curioni machines have been operating for more than 20 years. New developments in technology make it possible to enhance the original machine performance. Curioni has developed several upgrades to improve performance and extend machine life.

Curioni machines are built for a very long life-cycle, which can be further extended by following some simple steps:

 • Safety upgrades, to bring machines into compliance with existing safety rules

• Obsolescence upgrades, to replace old parts that are hardly sourceable and could cause long downtime in case of failure

• Performance upgrades, to improve performance and end product quality of your machine.

The three steps represent the complete overhaul of your Curioni machine.

Special care and attention is devoted to the safety of personnel and equipment. Thanks to recent technical evolution it is possible to upgrade your existing machine to be safer and more reliable. The promotion of a safe work environment with the improved social responsibility associated with safer working conditions is a fundamental part of the Barry-Wehmiller group of companies’ philosophy. We know our customers support this vision too.

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Phone: +39 0371 4021


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