MWU Curioni S.p.A.
Società con unico azionista
Strada per Quartiano
26832 Galgagnano (LO) Italy
Tel: +39 0371 4021
Fax: +39 0371 402 276
P.IVA IT00863320156

Spare Parts Service

Hundreds of customers in all world markets are regularly in touch with our parts department. Our skilled staff can assist you with ordering and shipping.

Besides meeting customers’ requests and offering fast delivery; we focus on the quality of the parts we supply. For this purpose, a dedicated quality control department verifies that if parts supplied comply with standard quality levels.

Most of the critical parts are available as stock in our Italy warehouse. Even parts for 30+ year old machines can be supplied with reasonable lead time.

We own the history of our machines, and we know the  modifications a machine model has undergone from drawing the first design line to the latest software release.

Be smart; buy genuine original parts!

Please contact us for parts support:

Phone: 0039-0371-402286 or 0039-0371-402238


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